Elegant, vibrant and refined. These are all words that come to us when thinking of Sangria Wine, and we believe those characteristics fit true to our Red Sangria room as well. Red Sangria can accompany up to 4 guests and has the biggest booth in the studio. Red Sangria is the perfect room for artists, groups, and individual musicians who desire to record with elegance in mind. 


Warm, intimate, and modern. Purple Haze offers an intimate setting for those that book the space. Best suitable for vocal recording with 1-2 guests. Book Purple Haze if you want to encourage a feeling of comradeship as you create. 


Lively, energized, and spacious. The Blue Room is our biggest room, with the most extensive audio production equipment list. Suitable for all recording needs, this room is the only room that supports full band recordings, as well as a variety of events. With an open floor concept, The Blue Room breaks the mold of having a vocal booth. Instead, you are able to record in the same space as all your peers, which supports the creative flow.