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What Genres does Timeless Specialize in?


Timeless doesn't necessarily specialize in any specific genres. Our Engineers are equipped to bring the best out of any artist, no matter what genre of music is presented to them. That’s what separates our Engineers. We enjoy working with all different types of music. We pride ourselves in our ability to connect to our clients so we can help represent your vision as if it were our own. 

Can you help me find my sound? 

All of our Engineers here at Timeless are trained to do exactly that. We know what makes something “sound good”, and we know how to understand your vision. Beyond that, all it takes is the collaborative effort between you and your engineer to determine what “sound” suits you best, and represents you in the best way.

Is there Parking?


Conveniently, we have a gated parking lot with the entrance located right on Montgomery Road.

What is Mixing?


Mixing is the post production process of taking a recording, sonically adjusting and blending all the elements together,  and enhancing the song in every way possible. This is done to ensure the best listening experience, help extract emotion, and prepare for distribution.


Typically after a song is recorded, an artist can choose to purchase a mix to enhance their song. This is where the difference between Basic and Advanced comes in.

What’s the difference between, Basic Mix and Advanced Mix?


A Basic Mix is typically used in instances where an artist likes how the recording sounded, and doesn't want to sonically change it, but rather enhance what is already there. This means your engineer will ensure:

- vocal volume is balanced and consistent

- vocals sound crisp and tight, sitting in the pocket of the instrumental

- vocal layers blend well with the leads


Your engineer will do these things using a combination of EQ and Compression. And will not use any effect based tools such as Reverb or Delay in depth. Pitch, time, and breath control are also not included in a Basic Mix.


An Advanced Mix is taking it a step further. This is where your track will be mixed by our top Mix Engineers, on a much more detailed level. This is the option typically used by those who want their song to sound the best it possibly can, and want to ensure it can compete sonically with other songs and radio hits in the industry. This includes everything involved in a basic mix, as well as:

- breath control

- pitch and time adjustments

- in depth EQ and Compression

- effect based plugins

And more!


Ultimately, the Advanced Mix is going to be as in depth as possible to make your song as perfect as it can be, while a Basic Mix is a quicker solution to songs that are already close to the desired end result.

Do you all make beats or should I bring my own?


A handful of our Engineers are Producers as well. We are well equipped and would be happy to organically create a track from scratch with you. But if you have your own material that’s ok too. Once again, your creative needs are what is most important to us, so however we can best accommodate your vision, just let us know. You may contact us with any questions you may have. 

Do you Charge by project or hour?


We typically charge for our services by the hour, but we would be more than happy to discuss project pricing options if that is something that interests you. Accommodating your creative needs in the most efficient way possible is what is most important to us.

What forms of Payments do you accept?


We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept cash, as well as Cash App, PayPal, and AfterPay.

What's the difference between a mix & a master?


A mix, like described above, is the post production process of taking a recording, sonically adjusting and blending all the elements together,  and enhancing the song in every way possible. This is done to ensure the best listening experience, help extract emotion, and prepare for distribution.


A master is the final step in the post production process. This is when an Engineer compares your song to many other hit songs similar in sound, and listens to it on multiple platforms. The objective is to ensure your song sounds good even when played alongside other industry songs. It also ensures sonic consistency no matter what speaker or platform the song is being played from.

I have a home studio, what can a bigger studio possibly do for me?


A home studio is good for capturing creativity in the moment, when you may not have the access to a professional studio. But in a majority of situations, a home studio won’t provide you with nearly the same quality a professional studio can achieve. Not only are our engineers all trained in the art of sound, but we also do this on a consistent basis with all kinds of different people. So we know what works, and what doesn’t. Having an engineer that is recording you allows you to also separate from the technical side, and focus all your energy on being creative.


In addition to our team, our facility also offers immense advantages most home studios do not. We have top tier sound treatment to isolate your vocals, making sure there is no sound other than your voice. We also have state of the art equipment to ensure capturing the recordings sounds as best it can from the very beginning.


Finally, our facility was designed with comfort in mind. We have set up all our rooms to encourage positivity, creativity, and relaxation. So if you are still on the fence, book a session to see the difference yourself!

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