Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Timeless Recording Studio Workshop?

The first step to register for the MERCURY Program is to submit a registration form. This online form is available at

What day/time are classes?

Classes will be scheduled as follows:
Saturdays - 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Alternative Weekday Evening Option - 6-10 p.m.

What happens after I complete my registration form?

Once you’ve completed payment and successfully registered online, you will receive a confirmation email with enrollment details.

What should I do to prepare for class?

To prepare, we suggest that you bring a laptop. If you don’t have a laptop, that is still fine. We also recommend purchasing a monthly subscription of Pro Tools. You can visit for more information. This is not mandatory, but recommended.

When is the deadline to register?

Each session varies. Check or follow us on Facebook @TimelessRStudio for the latest updates.

I paid and registered online, but I haven’t received my confirmation email. What do I do?

Contact or call (513) 655-5665 ext. 111

How do I know if I’ve been accepted?

You will receive an acceptance letter from Timeless Recording Studio at

Am I guaranteed employment with Timeless Recording Studio upon completion of the course?

Although employment is not guaranteed with Timeless Recording Studio upon completing the course you will be eligible for an internship opportunity.

What should I do if I try to register for a course and receive an error?

Please email immediately or call 513-655-5665 ext. 111.

I registered and paid, but either decided that I do not want to take the course or am unable to attend. Will I receive a refund?

Due to the customized nature of the program, there are no refunds of
deposits or funds paid towards balance. Also, your registration is nontransferable
to another student.

I would really like to take the course, but registration is full. Are there any other classes being offered?

At this time, you would have to wait until another class is offered in order to register. Sign up for our mailing list to receive up-to-date information.

What if I have a question that isn’t addressed on the FAQs page?

If you have any additional questions, please email or call 513-655-5665 ext. 111.

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