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who we are

Timeless Recording Studio started with a belief that the talent in Cincinnati needed a state of the art recording facility to master their craft. An audio production that mirrored experiences like those in LA, Atlanta, and New York. 

Officially opening on November 15th, 2014- TRS launched and established itself in Cincinnati as a recording studio that offered quality, and customizable experiences for the talent in the city. Timeless was quickly seen as a trailblazer in the local market providing a high quality, personal experience for those that booked with the recording studio. By 2017, the TRS team and clientele grew while TRS expanded to a new location in Westwood. By 2020, COVID impacted the organization and TRS began plans to transition to a permanent location that could be scaled and expanded. On March 21, 2022, Timeless Recording Studio opened the doors to their new location. Located in the Evanston neighborhood, they are just minutes away from the historic King Records building. 

Timeless Recording Studio continues to lead the sound recording market in Cincinnati by providing the highest quality and expanding services and experiences that can be customized to each client's preferences and needs. To date, Timeless Recording Studio has worked with hundreds of local creatives and has hosted many well known celebrities. Some include: Danny Glover, Post Malone, DaBaby, and Polo G.


To design lasting moments by inspiring creatives.


Through creative expression, we will change

the world’s perspective.


● Passion - TRS works tirelessly to create a unique experience for clients and stakeholders.

● Authenticity- TRS works with clients and prospects openly, honestly and sincerely.

● Versatility - TRS is able to quickly adapt to new or different situations, find solutions and think creatively.

● Integrity - TRS exemplifies honesty, freedom and truth in all that we do. 


 Quality - TRS strives for excellence in our work, products and services.

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